I’m in love with the Lolo

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“I’m in love with the Lolo” is inspired by the scandal on the person of Lolo F. We are questioning her life and death: Why did she get lost? Will we forget her? Will we search for the truth? We might remember Lolo as an exaggerated cliché of a busty star in the late 90’s. Seems to be easy on the outside but not so funny on the inside. Porn, plastic surgery, a mouth complex and pill addiction was paired with a small ego which got all pimped up and pushed to the limit.

#the reallifefametragedy

Well I saw a silly girl, she’s on my mind. Look at her, she looked so fine. Forgotten the hustle for fame, but no worries – everyone is gonna be the same.


Photography: Conny Maier

Models: Marlene, Moritz, Felix & Frederick


Back to the 90’s german battle rap legends of M.O.R. are reunited for one more track. Tempus fugit but we do like. Rapper wie Du.


Is there a time for keeping a distance
A time to turn your eyes away
Is there a time for keeping your head down
For getting on with your day?